We've Got you Covered!

Welcome to Atwell Brothers Tent Rentals

We’ve Got You Covered!

Atwell Brothers Tent Rental is a family owned and operated business servicing our local community and beyond. What began as a need for additional space for our growing family has turned into our passion.

We strive to provide the best personal service to ensure your satisfaction. We are with you every step of the way through your entire planning process. Our goal is to do our best to see your vision come to fruition, all while offering you our professional recommendations and many options that will help make your event more memorable.

Whatever your vision may be, our family is here to offer you the space and comfort you need for your family.

Our Specials

Family Owned and Operated / Guaranteed Personal Service

Seating for 60 Guests

  • 20'x30' Framed Tent
  • 6- 60" Round Tables
  • 1- 8' Banquet Table
  • 60 White Resin Chairs
  • Lighting

Seating for 48 Guests

  • 16'x24' Framed Tent
  • 6-48" tables
  • 1 8' Banquet Table
  • 48 White Resin Chairs
  • Lighting

Seating for 40 Guests

  • 20'x20 Framed Tent
  • 4 60" Tables
  • 1 8' Banquet Table
  • 40 White Resin Chairs
  • Lighting

Seating for 32 Guests

  • 16'x16' Framed tent
  • 4 48" Tables
  • 1- 8' Banquet Table
  • 32 White Resin Chairs
  • Lighting